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An amusingly British way to sell your rare Austin Ute [Found On EBay]

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It’s rarer than hen’s teeth and more rotten than a pear sitting in the owner’s orchard, but that is only the beginning of the amusing description that accompanies this 1976 Austin Ute. More »

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November 6th, 2011

Settle the whose Jeep is better debate with banjos and hoonage [Video]

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When Jeep introduced the new longer wheelbase CJ-7 as a compliment to their CJ-5 model they opened the door for spirited musical debates between CJ enthusiasts like the ones seen here. Whether you thought your CJ-5 was the toughest rig around or your CJ-7 could take a smaller Jeep anytime, it was clear there was only one way to resolve the matter—high flying off road hoonage. More »

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August 20th, 2011

1976 Subaru commercial highlights adventures in good cars and bad pickup lines [Video]

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As the times change, so too do the vehicles in which you are unsuccessfully trying to attract female attention—at least according to this Subaru commercial. What better way to follow up two decades of hitting home runs with your interesting automotive choices while striking out with the opposite sex than purchasing a new Subaru? More »

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August 13th, 2011

"Jungle Jim" burnouts [Motorsports]

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Long before John Force, “Jungle Jim” Lieberman won over crowds and gained a following with his huge burnouts and drag strip showmanship. Jungle Jim built a large fan base with his theatrics and wild rides down the drag strip. This picture was taken in April of 1976, a little over a year before he died in an off track car accident. More »

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April 2nd, 2011

1976 and 1979 International Scout IIs [Found Off The Street]

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Welcome to Found Off The Street, our look at cars found on the cape that rust liked so much it decided to summer there; Cape Cod, MA. Today we have a pair of 1970s International Harvester Scout IIs More »

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December 19th, 2010

1976: Chevy Beauville and Fiat 128 Combine Fuel Economy, Reliability [Moment Of Zen]

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Going through some old photos, I’ve discovered a couple of shots of my sisters posing with the Martin Family Motor Pool, circa 1976. Yes, you could still get 620 roll film as late as the Gerald Ford Era! More »

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August 22nd, 2010
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