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Not even the "World’s Strongest Man" could hold back the 1984 Ford Tempo [Video]

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What better way to advertise your entry in the competitive mid eighties compact car market than inviting the world’s strongest man to lift it up and try and keep it from moving forward? There wasn’t one in Ford’s eyes because that is exactly what they did in this vintage Ford Tempo commercial. More »

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December 11th, 2011

"At This Point, I’m Not Exactly Enthused With My Choice In Cars" [Garage Of Horror]

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Welcome back to Garage of Horror, where we share your worst wheeled experiences. Today’s installment: Is it really wise to put all your automotive eggs in the same brand basket? More »

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October 1st, 2010

Jackie Stewart Drives Hell Out Of ’84 Tempo, Calls It "Driver’s Car" [Video]

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Ford_Tempo_Fanatic may never forgive me for what I did to a free Tempo at Infineon last spring, but at least I’ve managed to find a vintage ad showing the Tempo on the race track! More »

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September 26th, 2010